Derma Roller for Face and Skin Care

BeautyWorx Derma Roller.

-The 0.25 mm allows for safe use.

-Many uses! Beard Growth, Complexion, Absorption of topical producs, etc.
-Stay Safe and Effective. Our Derma Roller is sanitized completely and packaged safely before shipping, ensuring a safe experience for the customer. Make sure to follow the instructions on the box.
-The BeautyWorx Roller can be used every other day, or as needed based on personal preference.
-ALWAYS soak the Derma Roller in alcohol after use to keep the needles sterile.
-It is recommended to use a new Derma Roller every month. We recommend researching all of the basics of Derma Rolling before purchasing a Derma Roller product.

If you are a male interested in beard growth, we recommend using the Derma Roller, and following with a Beard Growth Oil.


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