DaQan 30 seconds Exfoliation Scrub 100ml

The DAQAN mask is a gel scrub for the skin, it is suitable for the face and the body and for all skin types. Its rich composition allows deep cleansing of the skin and prevents aging.

This product exfoliates the face in 30 seconds, as it whitens the body and face in addition to moisturizing the skin and removing dead skin

It makes the skin glow and keeps it fresh, moist and smooth, contains natural substances that activate and purify skin and face cells

In addition to removing dead skin and activating cells

Apply to the face or desired area and keep for 30 seconds, massage gently and gently, then wash off with lukewarm water.

 Brand: DAQAN

 Product Name: Daqan facial scrub

 ML: 100 ml


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